Susan Morissette

In the 90s, Susan focused on working with at risk children and Forensic Psychology. She spent over 15 years teaching, working as a child counselor and case management.


In September of 2001, one day after the tragedy of the 9/11 attack on America, Susan started a project to help children have a positive learning tool for dealing with the tradgedy. Within two weeks, the project spanned the country and within a year the project grew into an international non profit organization. After creating a board of directors consisting of some of the brightest and wisest patriotic people in America, she was elected at the position of Executive Director. She recruited state leaders in every state, created a board of advisers, branded and marketing the organization throughout the world. Susan traveled the country speaking to small groups and at large conventions. She had dicussions with school organizations and military groups about unity and working together. She visited fire departments across the country to thank them for their service to their communities. She worked with other countries, military bases and embassys to grow the organization and spread a community service project. The community service project was created and was offered free to schools wishing to implement a community service corriculum.


Susan worked with other non profits and businesses helping them from start up to marketing and branding. She created websites, donation programs, and federal compliant organizational policies. She worked as an adviser to many non profit organizations. Susan was a member of the non profit congress established to ban together resourcs and conveing in Washington D.C.


In 2009 Susan was asked to run for the office of Maine State Legislature. She served her district and sat on multiple committees. Her work on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee caught the attention of the Governor of Maine. He asked her to serve on the prescription drug task force. She serve on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee much of her focus was spent on the new laws effecting the state in regards to new health care regulations. Her energy and dedication drew the attention of the Speaker of the House who nominated her as the Maine State Legislative Representative to the National Women in Government.


In a 2012 she worked as the Campaign Manager for a United State Senate primary candidate. Susan over saw the day to day operations in a very high paced situation. She worked to prep the candidate before speeches, worked events with the candidate and held daily conferences to organize the team and support the candidate.


Susan was again called upon to serve her state as a member of the Board of Corrections. After being unanimously elected by the Senate and House, she worked on the Board to fulfill the mission of the board as created by the state of Maine.


Susan was elected as county Chairwoman for a political party and served a year until in 2013 she was asked to run for State Vice Chair of the Maine political organization. In a three way race for the elected position, Susan won by a landslide. While serving as vice chair she traveled the state with the mission of unifying the state. In 2014 Susan served as Chair of the state convention committee. Planning an event that drew thousands of delegates from all over the state. Susan herself presented a tribute to the military.


At present, Susan speaks nationally on subjects of unity, gratitude, security and criminal justice. Susan works with organizations and businesses all over the country to help with start ups, expansions and advising. She is working on a book discussing unity and the benefit to our society.


Susan Morissette

7 1st Street

Winslow,Maine 04901

Phone: +1 0207 8735106 +1 0207 8735106


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Susan Morissette